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Surround yourself with winners


As a leader you are only as good as the people you surround yourself with. Your team hold your future in their hands. In Surround Yourself With Winners, Tom will redefine what a winner looks like. A winner performs their job at a high level AND they also embody the culture you are working to create for your team at the highest level. One of your primary jobs as a leader is to evaluate prospective team members and choose only the very best.


Tom will give you insights on how to do this using the strategies the most successful leaders in the world do. Another huge responsibility as a leader is to develop your team members so they perform at an even higher level while being a perfect fit for your culture. It’s not a pipe dream. You can have a team filled with top performers in their roles who also fit into your culture and are a joy to work with and in Surround Yourself With Winners, Tom will show you exactly how to do it.

The Surround Yourself With Winners Keynote will help your leaders:

  • Evaluate every member on their team more effectively.
  • Coach their team to new levels of peak performance.
  • Attract “A” Players to their team.
  • Keep their “A” Players engaged and motivated.
  • Make their team the place Winners want to be.
  • Lead their team to record breaking results!


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