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Thank you for your interest in having me coach you! Just like you, I have an extremely busy schedule with the trainings I conduct, the people I coach and the businesses I run and am on the boards of. When I enter into a coaching relationship with a client, I am all in. Because of this I can only commit to working with 10 coaching clients at any given time. Over the years I have coached CEO's, Entrepreneurs, Government Officials, World Champion Athletes and World Renowned Entertainers. My coaching is designed to work best for clients who are in High Stakes Environments that require the highest levels of performance.


When the stakes are high, your performance must be top notch too. My coaching style is to work with you to determine your top 3 results that you would like me to help you achieve and then we dig in. We will work on tactics and strategies and just as importantly we will work on helping you destroy your limiting beliefs and create a championship mindset. A change in strategy without changing the mindset is a recipe for failure. You need both and I've dedicated my life to learning the most advanced techniques to help you with both. Each of our coaching sessions will help you determine the most powerful next steps you can take to project you towards achieving your top 3 results. Along the way I will be your biggest supporter. I will see greatness trapped inside you that you may not even notice and I will help you release it out into your work and your life. I will also help you be impeccably accountable to the commitments you make. Transforming yourself is not easy work. We will work together as a team to create the transformation you are looking for!

The Coaching Engagements I do fall into 3 categories:

1. Leadership/Entrepreneurial Coaching. I work with Leaders and Entrepreneurs who have a strong desire to perform at the highest levels and help their companies and teams win at the highest level.


2. High Stakes Performance Coaching. I work with individuals whose roles require that they perform at their very best in high pressure situations.


3. High Stakes Presentation Coaching. I work with Executives and Thought Leaders to help them develop compelling presentations and their presentations with power, presence and charisma.

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