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Every team needs a CEO. In this case we are not talking about a Chief Executive Officer, but instead a Chief Emotional Officer and a Chief Engagement Officer. Every team is driven by emotions. A team that is strong emotionally or one that has strong emotional intelligence will always outperform an emotionally weak team.


According to the Gallup Organization the average team has only 2 engaged team members for every 1 disengaged team member. That’s a poor ratio. On the other hand leaders who lead peak performing teams average 10 engaged team members for every 1 disengaged team member. This provides a huge competitive advantage. In Be Your Team’s CEO. Tom will share with you how to be an extremely emotionally intelligent leader who has a strong connection with your team. In addition, you’ll learn cutting edge strategies to keep your team engaged at the highest levels. You will love being your team’s CEO, and your team will love it too!

The Be Your Team’s CEO Keynote will help your leaders:

  • Increase their level of Emotional Intelligence.
  • Motivate their team members to achieve more.
  • Achieve high levels of team member engagement.
  • Retain and energize their key team members.
  • Create sustainable peak performance.
  • Get everyone on board to achieve greatness!


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