What Others Say About Tom McCarthy…

Tom and his company have provided outstanding services to our team in the areas of Presentation Training and Peak Performance Keynotes. In EVERY engagement, our employees and leaders have achieved significant GROWTH delivering greater value to their customers and business goals. I am also personally thankful to Tom for his Career Coaching service. Tom quickly connected with me, my learning style, and my career growth needs. And then he built a custom, creative program for me complete with tools and exercises that have spiked my growth and career opportunities. I will be forever grateful to Tom and highly recommend him and his company!!!”

Tom is an awesome consultant–creative, accountable, and fully engaged on both personal and professional levels! He is an inspirational coach and trainer, and CONSISTENTLY achieves exceptional results and feedback from his clients and participants. …and the best part…is that he makes YOU look great for being smart enough to hire him!!”

I have used Tom in multiple capacities over the past several years. First, we have used Tom across our organization to elevate the presentation skills of our sales engineers via his “Fire Up” training course. Feedback from the teams has been nothing short of outstanding across the board. I have also used Tom as a personal mentor and career coach. He has a wonderful personable style while challenging me and encouraging me to think in new ways. I highly recommend Tom McCarthy for your professional development needs.

Tom, you have helped our team turn things around and what you share with us does sink in so I thank you for that!

Tom you did it again! Just like every other time we have brought you in to speak at our regional and national sales rallies, you were not only a hit, you were a HOMERUN!!! Our salespeople loved your message and the way you got them to take action. Your Mental Diet for Success is a tool that our entire team can use to thrive in the midst of the competitive pressures we face.

I have known Tom for over 10 years, it’s an honor to call Tom a good friend after years of working with him. His thought leadership is second to none… Many a time I would be in a jam and Tom has always been there to help me work thru it. I have also used Tom for leadership/sales training for my employees. Very few people have the capability to get people to step outside there comfort zone to grow personally or hone their business skills.”

Tom’s trainings condense a lifetime of study into an insightful, clear and compelling system. His trainings are remarkable!

Much of competition is mental prep. I knew in order for me to become the World Champion in my sport, that was an area I needed to focus on. With Tom’s positive energy skills and instructive coaching, he was able to work through my worries so that I could see the big picture — the final result — clear to end, where I would be standing on the podium excepting my award. I went into the competition so well prepared after Tom’s coaching, and as a result, I won the World Championship and set a World Record. I truly attribute a large part of this achievement to the instruction I received Tom. I have used what he taught me in many other areas of my life also. Thank you Tom!

Tom is Awesome! I have known Tom for over 14 years and love him and his work. He has helped me personally to grow from a college drop out in the mid 90’s to building my company 101 Financial into an INC 500 company and one of the fastest growing companies in Hawaii. He really cares about people and will deliver great results for you and your company.

Over the past 3 years Tom has provided presentation and leadership training for my sales and engineering teams. We held a series of two-day sessions with approximately 12 people attending each session. As you can imagine, there were some team members who were initially less than enthusiastic about having to attend. After the initial class, word spread quickly that this was not your “ordinary” training. First of all, Tom’s system is solid. He advocates an approach that is easily applied. I utilize the skills he teaches on a daily basis. Also, Tom leads by example. He gives 100% of his energy and enthusiasm from start to finish. He makes the material fun and interesting. Before long, everyone in the class was fully engaged in the process…sharing their ideas, volunteering to role-play and supporting their co-workers. This made it a very valuable experience for everyone. Since then, I’ve used Tom for consulting services. He has always been responsive and thoughtful in his approach. He’s very adaptive and focuses on what is required to help each individual exceed his or her personal goals. I would highly recommend Tom as a professional trainer/ consultant. The results we’ve realized have consistently exceeded our expectations.

Tom brings a great deal of experience, passion and energy to his trainings. He can be counted on to push the participants to achieve new levels in their ability to communicate and perform and his sessions receive rave reviews!

Outstanding! Tom, your presentation at our 11th annual national Sales Symposium is exactly what our sales organization needed. At the heart of your Mental Diet for Success is a formula that will undoubtedly lead to higher levels of success. Here is a small sampling of the hundreds of great comments we have received about your presentation: “Of all of the symposiums, Tom’s is by far the best yet!”, “Tom is the best motivational speaker I have ever heard!”, “Tom McCarthy is the absolute BEST! When I grow up, I want to be just like Tom! Thank you so much for bringing Tom into speak, motivate and inspire us!”.

Tom, you have always delivered training that offered personal anecdotes, deep insights, optimistic thinking and solutions to challenges that will have an immediate impact on your audience. Thanks again for your contribution to our success. We look forward to working together with you in the future.

Our company hired Tom for his FIRE-UP two-day seminars. This was one of the best events that most of us have attended in the last decade. It was not only applicable to the job but also aspects of it were applicable to our personal lives. Tom is very enthusiastic and knowledgeable about the material. And the fact that he kept an entire room full of multi-tasking (short attention span) salespeople focused and actively involved, interested, and even entertained, for two full days is truly remarkable.

Tom has helped me get the most out of my efforts and helped my teams accomplish more than they thought possible. Whether it begins with “pattern interupt” or “playing full out”, Tom’s phrases, techniques and stories are part of our team culture. I feel fortunate to have met Tom and would highly recommend him to anyone who is at a glass ceiling in their career and wants to breakthrough.”

With Tom’s help we created the vision, the value’s, what our company differentiator is and ultimately the name of our company…Intero. We are now one of the largest real estate companie in the United States with over 50 offices and 2000 sales associates.

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