What Others Say About Tom McCarthy…

Tom is a tremendous person. He has a great ability to motivate and inspire people. Tom provided motivational sessions to my Sales team and I can honestly say it had a huge impact in our morale and results, helping us achieve the #1 operation. I also leveraged Tom for his Public Speaking classes, and having taken many over my career can say Tom’s was at the top. My entire team who took the training were all extremely impressed and they all became much more effective presenters. I always feel better after spending time with Tom.

Tom, you have helped our team turn things around and what you share with us does sink in so I thank you for that!

There are only a few people in this world that I would trust to do an extraordinary job in presenting our programs to the public on behalf of Robbins Research. Tom is one of those people. In addition to being an outstanding speaker and trainer, he is also an outstanding person and has been a valued member of our team for the past ten years.

Thank you again for speaking at our leadership meeting this week. Your session was one of the best leadership courses I’ve had in my 10 year leadership career. The session was informative, fun and very relevant. Most importantly, the team got a great deal from the session.

Tom exceeds expectations in delivering results for his exceptional Organizational Development work. He is able to work well with all levels in an organization in getting them to work through difficult situations. He is well respected within our organization for the work he produces.”

Tom has consistently delivered high impact results in my multiple engagements with him. He is a creative leader, powerful communicator, and ensures success through a proven track record. For those seeking to drive an organization to overachieve, Tom McCarthy will make it happen.

Tom has helped me get the most out of my efforts and helped my teams accomplish more than they thought possible. Whether it begins with “pattern interupt” or “playing full out”, Tom’s phrases, techniques and stories are part of our team culture. I feel fortunate to have met Tom and would highly recommend him to anyone who is at a glass ceiling in their career and wants to breakthrough.”

Tom brings a great deal of experience, passion and energy to his trainings. He can be counted on to push the participants to achieve new levels in their ability to communicate and perform and his sessions receive rave reviews!

I would like to express appreciation for your recent presentation to us. You far exceeded our expectations. You gave us four solid hours of usable ideas that will change the way we approach our jobs. Several of our people were taking action to implement your ideas within hours of your presentation. Many felt you were the best speaker we have had at our annual sales meetings.

Thank you for your fabulous presentation at our regional meeting. Numerous representatives told me they really appreciated having a motivational speaker that offered advice directed at their ability to improve their effectiveness, rather than the typical speech about the speaker’s road to greatness. Your session had significant impact on me personally. I stretch myself, always remembering your words. I hope we have future opportunities to partner together.

Tom McCarthy understands the inner workings of the human drive and spirit. He is able to connect with a small group or large audience in a way to help them see the issues or challenges and find the solutions to solve and move forward toward success. I am always in awe his ability to add humor and passion in a way that supports the groups he is working with to break out of the stalemate of their issue at that moment and know that this too will pass but only with the internal power that each person possesses within themselves to break free of the negativity and take control of their destiny. Yeah I think he’s pretty great and recommend him highly to any organization.

Tom was a key note speaker for our organization and delivered an incredible and practical message. My team left with multiple take-aways and we highly recommend his work in any capacity. You will be impressed and inspired by Tom McCarthy!

I have worked with Tom professionally at Cisco Systems in several areas both as an Executive Coach and a Trainer. In each category Tom was a perfect 10. As an executive coach, Tom was able to work with me several times per month to develop me professionally for the “next level” within my company. During my year of executive coaching I had my best year ever and my income was also up significantly. As a trainer, I attended a multi day presentation skills class at our corporate HQ. Tom taught the class to multiple line of business leaders and was effective at making better both seasoned professionals as well as colleagues with emerging skills. All in attendance greatly benefitted and again, I was able to use the skills with my direct/extended teams and customers engagements. Net/Net I am a big fan of Tom and I highly recommend him.

Tom has worked with my team on three different occasions over the past 6 years and each time the results have been tremendous. His results driven approach to communication and performance is spot on. No matter how good your team is Tom can help them be even better and have some fun along the way.

Much of competition is mental prep. I knew in order for me to become the World Champion in my sport, that was an area I needed to focus on. With Tom’s positive energy skills and instructive coaching, he was able to work through my worries so that I could see the big picture — the final result — clear to end, where I would be standing on the podium excepting my award. I went into the competition so well prepared after Tom’s coaching, and as a result, I won the World Championship and set a World Record. I truly attribute a large part of this achievement to the instruction I received Tom. I have used what he taught me in many other areas of my life also. Thank you Tom!

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