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What Others Say About Tom McCarthy…

Tom has worked with my team on three different occasions over the past 6 years and each time the results have been tremendous. His results driven approach to communication and performance is spot on. No matter how good your team is Tom can help them be even better and have some fun along the way.

Tom is Awesome! I have known Tom for over 14 years and love him and his work. He has helped me personally to grow from a college drop out in the mid 90’s to building my company 101 Financial into an INC 500 company and one of the fastest growing companies in Hawaii. He really cares about people and will deliver great results for you and your company.

The program you presented for us was outstanding. You energized our people and you prepared them to deal with the challenges of the marketplace.

Tom McCarthy is best in class in motivating and bringing the best out of a team. He is both dynamic and approachable in his coaching and presentation skills. Each of his programs delivered outstanding results and raving fans among participants. I hired Tom several times and I will continue to do so. He inspires and produces exceptional outcomes.

I have worked with Tom now for over 10 years. He has always been my go-to guy for all my businesses. There are very few people on the planet that I have hired so much or that is the number one person for me to call in regards to any situations or trainings in my business. You can’t find a better coach than Tom.”

Leadership is in my opinion, one of the most vital yet, misunderstood concepts in business. Tom McCarthy’s leadership principles, communication techniques and performance-oriented coaching can help any business executive become more effective. Tom understands clearly, that true business leadership is needed now, more than ever. Through his innovative programs, he equips today’s business leaders with the tools they will most need, to achieve lasting success in an ever-changing business landscape.

I wanted to thank you for your energizing presentation at this years Gutenberg Festival. As one attendee commented to me as he left “Now that’s what a Keynote presentation is all about!” I must say that you delivered even more than I expected. You give people tools to take control of their lives and build the confidence necessary to do that. And above all else, you make it fun!

Tom brings a great deal of experience, passion and energy to his trainings. He can be counted on to push the participants to achieve new levels in their ability to communicate and perform and his sessions receive rave reviews!

Tom has consistently delivered high impact results in my multiple engagements with him. He is a creative leader, powerful communicator, and ensures success through a proven track record. For those seeking to drive an organization to overachieve, Tom McCarthy will make it happen.

As you can imagine, this was a leap of faith for me to bring you into my largest client, Driessen Aircraft Interiors. I had not heard you speak before and had little time to check your references. Tom, you are modest- the outcome of your participation far exceeded what you promised.

Tom, you have helped our team turn things around and what you share with us does sink in so I thank you for that!

I have known Tom for over 10 years, it’s an honor to call Tom a good friend after years of working with him. His thought leadership is second to none… Many a time I would be in a jam and Tom has always been there to help me work thru it. I have also used Tom for leadership/sales training for my employees. Very few people have the capability to get people to step outside there comfort zone to grow personally or hone their business skills.”

Tom has helped me get the most out of my efforts and helped my teams accomplish more than they thought possible. Whether it begins with “pattern interupt” or “playing full out”, Tom’s phrases, techniques and stories are part of our team culture. I feel fortunate to have met Tom and would highly recommend him to anyone who is at a glass ceiling in their career and wants to breakthrough.”

Tom exceeds expectations in delivering results for his exceptional Organizational Development work. He is able to work well with all levels in an organization in getting them to work through difficult situations. He is well respected within our organization for the work he produces.”

Tom is a tremendous person. He has a great ability to motivate and inspire people. Tom provided motivational sessions to my Sales team and I can honestly say it had a huge impact in our morale and results, helping us achieve the #1 operation. I also leveraged Tom for his Public Speaking classes, and having taken many over my career can say Tom’s was at the top. My entire team who took the training were all extremely impressed and they all became much more effective presenters. I always feel better after spending time with Tom.

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