What Others Say About Tom McCarthy…

As you can imagine, this was a leap of faith for me to bring you into my largest client, Driessen Aircraft Interiors. I had not heard you speak before and had little time to check your references. Tom, you are modest- the outcome of your participation far exceeded what you promised.

Much of competition is mental prep. I knew in order for me to become the World Champion in my sport, that was an area I needed to focus on. With Tom’s positive energy skills and instructive coaching, he was able to work through my worries so that I could see the big picture — the final result — clear to end, where I would be standing on the podium excepting my award. I went into the competition so well prepared after Tom’s coaching, and as a result, I won the World Championship and set a World Record. I truly attribute a large part of this achievement to the instruction I received Tom. I have used what he taught me in many other areas of my life also. Thank you Tom!

Tom is an awesome consultant–creative, accountable, and fully engaged on both personal and professional levels! He is an inspirational coach and trainer, and CONSISTENTLY achieves exceptional results and feedback from his clients and participants. …and the best part…is that he makes YOU look great for being smart enough to hire him!!”

Tom, you have helped our team turn things around and what you share with us does sink in so I thank you for that!

Tom was a key note speaker for our organization and delivered an incredible and practical message. My team left with multiple take-aways and we highly recommend his work in any capacity. You will be impressed and inspired by Tom McCarthy!

Tom is a tremendous person. He has a great ability to motivate and inspire people. Tom provided motivational sessions to my Sales team and I can honestly say it had a huge impact in our morale and results, helping us achieve the #1 operation. I also leveraged Tom for his Public Speaking classes, and having taken many over my career can say Tom’s was at the top. My entire team who took the training were all extremely impressed and they all became much more effective presenters. I always feel better after spending time with Tom.

I have known Tom for over 10 years, it’s an honor to call Tom a good friend after years of working with him. His thought leadership is second to none… Many a time I would be in a jam and Tom has always been there to help me work thru it. I have also used Tom for leadership/sales training for my employees. Very few people have the capability to get people to step outside there comfort zone to grow personally or hone their business skills.”

Thank you again for speaking at our leadership meeting this week. Your session was one of the best leadership courses I’ve had in my 10 year leadership career. The session was informative, fun and very relevant. Most importantly, the team got a great deal from the session.

Tom, I thought you’d like to know how the Satisfaction Survey ratings tallied on your session with us yesterday. You scored a perfect 5 on our 1-5 scale. The team was incredibly impressed with your session, very jazzed throughout the evening, and consistently rated your session the highest value overall (ratings in total were high, so that’s a particularly strong comment).

Again, thank you for the tremendous personal effort it took to lead such a dynamic session… wish we’d had more time and we’d definitely like to do a ‘Chapter Two’ next time!

It is my great pleasure to recommend Tom to any organization in need of increasing their productivity, sales effectiveness and executive level communications. The FIRE-UP Your Presentations training is high energy and absolutely the best presentation skills class that I have every participated in. Tom’s classes are by far the most beneficial classes that I have been part of.

I have been to several of Tom’s outstanding seminars and we talk frequently. Tom and his work were instrumental in helping me to prepare the Arsenal football team for their FA Cup victory!

Tom’s trainings condense a lifetime of study into an insightful, clear and compelling system. His trainings are remarkable!

The several times you have spoken for us have significantly transformed how my organization approaches their business. The results have been phenomenal, 48% growth over one year. Tom, you’re ability to target core issues, creatively design a series of exercises which make the concept real, and communicate the key messages focused on results is a true talent. As far as I’m concerned… you’ve been chosen for greatness.

By sharing your knowledge, enthusiasm, and experience, you helped our representatives gain a greater awareness of how to impact their customers in the field. The feedback from the managers and the representatives was overwhelmingly positive. We would like to talk to you immediately about continuing to use you in the future.

Tom has consistently delivered high impact results in my multiple engagements with him. He is a creative leader, powerful communicator, and ensures success through a proven track record. For those seeking to drive an organization to overachieve, Tom McCarthy will make it happen.

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