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The Greatest Commercial Ever!

The Greatest Commercial Ever!

I don’t watch much TV and I rarely listen to the radio, but as you’ll read below, there is one instance where I was very glad I did.

When I have passengers in my car I almost NEVER have the radio on. I started this habit when my kids were young because I wanted to use the time we were together in the car for meaningful conversations. That said, for some reason, I had the radio on when my son and I were on a recent trip. I don’t remember any of the songs we listened to, but I do remember a commercial that we heard.

The message in this commercial was so powerful. The commercial was for a charitable organization and the theme was “Remember the time you ALMOST volunteered?” They had several examples like; “Remember the time you almost volunteered to help at the soup kitchen?” and “Remember the time you almost visited elderly people in a nursing home?” Then came the kicker; “ALMOST DOING SOMETHING IS THE SAME THING AS NOT DOING ANYTHING AT ALL!”

How True! If you’re like me, I bet there are two or three things a day (important things) that you almost do. The problem is that over time, these things you ALMOST do add up to a life that is ALMOST phenomenal. But remember, being ALMOST Phenomenal is the same thing as not being phenomenal.

What’s one important thing you were ALMOST going to do today? Please take a minute and identify something right now. A tough phone call you really need to make? Something special for one of your friends or family members? Once you identify what it is, in the famous words of NIKE, “Just Do It!”

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