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Peak Performance Coins

The Peak Performance Coins are designed to help you focus throughout the day on a message, idea, or principle that will make your life significantly better.The Peak Performance Coins are designed to help you focus throughout the day on a message, idea, or principle that will make your life significantly better. Very low tech, but also very effective!

In my 21 years of working with people on increasing their performance and success levels, I’ve seen people get charged up by seminars, books, and CDs only to lose their enthusiasm shortly after. What they lacked was something to help them follow through.

Simply said, that is what The Peak Performance Coins will help you do; maintain your focus, enthusiasm, momentum and follow through! And I believe they will increase your ability to notice and take advantage of the lucky opportunities that show up in your life.

We currently offer 7 coins. The coins are designed to help you in the areas of Personal Development, Goal Achievement, Personal Happiness, Handling Adversity, Health and Prosperity.

All 7 Coins

Get all 7 coins together and receive a discount! For this special price you get the “Gratitude”, “I Love It!”, “Play Full Out”, “Happiness”, “Perfect Health”, “Life Force” and “Prosperity” coins.

Special Price $39.97 (reg $69.00 save $29.03)  


One of the keys to having more in your life is to be grateful for all the wonderful things you have in your life now. Unfortunately, most people don’t take the time to feel grateful during the day and they miss out on the many benefits higher levels of gratitude could bring to their lives. One side of the coin has the word “Gratitude” on it and the other side of the coin has the question “What am I grateful for?” Focusing on feeling grateful for only a few minutes a day will create tremendously positive feelings within you and propel you to new levels of goal-achieving ability.

Special Price $5.97 each (reg $12.00 save $6.03)  

“I LOVE IT!” Coin

The “I Love It” coin will help you deal with adversity and maintain a consistent positive attitude. One side of the coin says “I Love It!” and the second side of the coins says “Staying above the line.” Winners deal differently with challenges than most people. They actually enjoy the challenge. They stay consistently above the line that separates positive from negative emotions. Because of this they are able to use challenges to become stronger and propel themselves toward achieving their goals.

Special Price $5.97 each (reg $12.00 save $6.03)  


The “Play Full Out” coin will remind you to always give it your best.  The key to “being in the zone” is to be fully engaged in whatever you are doing. One side of the coin says “Play Full Out!” and the other side of the coin says “I always give it everything I’ve got!” I carry this coin in my pocket to every speech I give. When I reach in my pocket and feel the coin it’s one more reminder to perform at my highest level. It never fails to give me that extra burst of motivation and I know it will do the same for you.

Special Price $5.97 each (reg $12.00 save $6.03)  


The most important currency we have in our lives is our level of happiness. In other words the truly wealthy people are the people with the most happiness! The most popular course at Harvard University is a course about creating more happiness in your life. Most people think happiness comes from things outside of us like money, material possessions, relationships, etc… The reality is that happiness comes from within. The “Happiness” coin helps you to create higher levels of happiness and fulfillment throughout your day. One side of the “Happiness” coin has a picture of a flower with the word “Happiness.” The other side says, “Happiness is my ultimate currency.” I create even more happiness now!” When you are happy you increase your ability to perform at your best, attract helpful people and opportunities into your life and achieve your goals in an enjoyable and stress-free way.

Special Price $5.97 each (reg $12.00 save $6.03)  


Are you as healthy as you could be? Do you get colds? Do you have aches and pains or even a chronic disease? Modern scientists are discovering more and more that the mind plays a vital role in achieving and maintaining health. If you would like to achieve a higher level of health and wellness the “Perfect Health” coin is designed for you. One side of the coin has the yin and yang symbol along with the words “Perfect Health.” The other side of the coin says “My Body and Mind are vibrant, healthy and strong now!” Focusing on this coin a few minutes a day will help strengthen your immune system and guide you to make better choices that will bring you to Perfect Health.

Special Price $5.97 each (reg $12.00 save $6.03)  


Most people believe that there is a spiritual force outside of themselves that can guide them and assist them in achieving their goals in every area of their life. This coin helps you to tap into that spiritual Life Force on a daily basis. One side of the coin has a picture of energy and light radiating into a human figure along with the words “Life Force.” The other side of the coin says, “The universal Life Force guides me to realize my ultimate dreams now!” The “Life Force ” coin is designed to help people from all religious and spiritual beliefs tap into the Higher Power they believe in on a more consistent basis.

Special Price $5.97 each (reg $12.00 save $6.03)  


Everybody wants more and the “Prosperity” coin will help you to get it. You will easily attract more of what you want into your life when you maintain a consistent feeling of prosperity. Good things come to those who feel and know they are prosperous now! One side of the coin has a shining sun with the words “Prosperity.” The other side of the coin says “My Life Is Filled with Wealth and Abundance Now!” Use this coin daily to create the life you want.

Special Price $5.97 each (reg $12.00 save $6.03)