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Speaking & Training Programs

Finally, a speaker that delivers more than what is expected!

Finding a speaker is easy, but it is difficult to find someone who makes an immediate impact on your audience and creates long-term results. Especially, someone who matches your outcome with the appropriate message and exercises to take your organization to even higher levels of performance. Bold claim… you bet — and we guarantee it!

Now, the real truth about peak performance…

Face it, people are creatures of habit. So you can waste valuable resources bringing in a “motivational” speaker who may entertain, amuse and teach a few skills, but just having new information isn’t enough to make lasting changes.

In order to reach higher levels of peak performance people have to be challenged. During our programs you experience the skills using cutting-edge techniques in inspiring and practical ways. Your audience will leave with the new skills, and with the inspiration to manifest enhanced performance on a regular basis.

Programs Available:

The Most Powerful Story Ever Told (Peak Performance):

Every organization, every team, and every human being has a story they tell themselves of who they are and what they’re capable of. Whatever story you tell yourself becomes incredibly powerful in predicting the level of performance and results we will be able to achieve. Great stories drive breakthrough actions and results, while disempowering stories will severely limit team and individual performance. The good news is that you can always upgrade your story. Even in the midst of the most challenging times, a change in your story will allow you to see and act on new opportunities that your old story kept you from seeing. In this keynote your organization will put the three keys into action that will allow everyone in attendance to upgrade their story, take new and better actions that lead to record breaking results!

Breakthrough To Greatness (Peak Performance):

Trapped within every human being is the potential to accomplish even more success in their business and life! Unfortunately old patterns and habits block most people from ever realizing anything close to their true potential. In Breakthrough To Greatness, Tom teaches his powerful 3-step system to breakthrough any limitation and achieve legendary results. The Breakthrough To Greatness System will teach your team how to have laser like focus on the results they want to achieve, eliminate all mental roadblocks that are in their way and consistently take the most effective actions to achieve the result quickly and efficiently. Breakthrough To Greatness can also include an optional Boardbreak Experience, where the attendees will learn how to breakthrough a 1 inch board with their own bare hands! Tom has used his Breakthrough To Greatness System to help 4 Olympic Gold Medalists, World Champions and record breaking individuals and teams in businesses throughout the world.

Disrupt And Dominate (Leadership and Innovation):

If you don’t mess with your success, someone else will! If you don’t disrupt the market, then you will be disrupted! These are two Tom’s favorite sayings when it comes to leadership in today’s fast paced times. The most successful organizations know that success is temporary and that someone is always looking to take your market share. In disrupt and dominate, leaders will be inspired to do 3 things: 1. Create a Killer Culture. How to design a culture that drives innovation and attract winners. 2. Surround With Winners. Attract and keep the top talent available that will allow you to consistently grow and win. 3. Keep Your Winners Engaged and Growing. Strategies to keep your talent constantly growing, breaking through and disrupting.

Surround Yourself With Winners (Leadership):

As a leader you are only as good as the people you surround yourself with. Your team hold your future in their hands. In Surround Yourself With Winners, Tom will redefine what a winner looks like. A winner performs their job at a high level AND they also embody the culture you are working to create for your team at the highest level. One of your primary jobs as a leader is to evaluate prospective team members and choose only the very best. Tom will give you insights on how to do this using the strategies the most successful leaders in the world do. Another huge responsibility as a leader is to develop your team members so they perform at an even higher level while being a perfect fit for your culture. It’s not a pipe dream. You can have a team filled with top performers in their roles who also fit into your culture and are a joy to work with and in Surround Yourself With Winners, Tom will show you exactly how to do it.

Be Your Team’s C.E.O. (Leadership):

Every team needs a C.E.O. In this case we are not talking about a Chief Executive Officer, but instead a Chief Emotional Officer and a Chief Engagement Officer. Every team is driven by emotions. A team that is strong emotionally or one that has strong emotional intelligence will always outperform an emotionally weak team. According to the Gallup Organization the average team has only 2 engaged team members for every 1 disengaged team member. That’s a poor ratio. On the other hand leaders who lead peak performing teams average 10 engaged team members for every 1 disengaged team member. This provides a huge competitive advantage. In Be Your Team’s C.E.O. Tom will share with you how to be an extremely emotionally intelligent leader who has a strong connection with your team. In addition, you’ll learn cutting edge strategies to keep your team engaged at the highest levels. You will love being your team’s C.E.O. and your team will love it too!

Win The Presentation Game (Persuasive Presentations):

Research shows that only 14% of presentations end up inspiring customers or audience members. This means that approximately 86% of presentations fall short of the mark and many end up wasting everybody’s valuable time. What if you and your organization could significantly upgrade your presentations and use them to produce dynamic results for your business? The good news is you can. To win the presentation game though, you must change the game! You can’t deliver presentations the way everyone else does. In the training, you’ll learn to do 3 things: 1. Create a Compelling Story. Your presentation must unfold like a story that draws the audience in and compels them to act. 2. Show Up FeelIng Like a Winner. You must eliminate doubts, fears and anxieties and fill yourself with passion, confidence and the ability to connect with your audience. 3. Energize Your Audience. You must deliver your presentation with charisma (presence, power and warmth).