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20 Questions For an Amazing Week

Did you know that the way you think is by asking questions? Below are 20 questions that will create powerful thoughts to drive your week. I recommend you ask yourself these questions each Sunday, before you start your week, and record your answers in a journal or mindmap, like I do. Special thanks to my

And You Thought Your Life Was Tough

Election time is coming up in the US and everyone is talking about politics. In this issue of the Peak Performer, you'll see how Alexander Hamilton overcame a tough upbringing to help bring about the creation of the United Sates of America and become the first Secretary of the Treasury. In 1755, Alexander Hamilton was

The Greatest Commercial Ever!

I don't watch much TV and I rarely listen to the radio, but as you'll read below, there is one instance where I was very glad I did. When I have passengers in my car I almost NEVER have the radio on. I started this habit when my kids were young because I wanted to

3 Steps to Super-Productivity

Have you ever wondered how some people tend to accomplish so much more in their day and in their lives? Do you wish you could accomplish more and create more momentum in your business? This article will help you at least double your results over the next 21 days. I wrote about how MOST people

A Recipe for Spending More Time, Getting Less Done

I'll be talking about something that is near and dear to most people's hearts; MULTI-TASKING. If you are a multi-tasker or you know someone who is a multi-tasker, I think you'll find the article below useful. Yes, you heard the headline right. I’m going to share with you how to spend more time and get

A Year From Now You’ll Wish You Would Have Started Today

Most people's lives are littered with unfulfilled promise and dreams. In this newsletter I'll share with you a recipe that I've begun to use in order to help me take better actions and create an even more compelling future! I spent the first half of today working on a new book I’m writing and as