A Year From Now You’ll Wish You Would Have Started Today

A Year From Now You’ll Wish You Would Have Started Today

Most people’s lives are littered with unfulfilled promise and dreams. In this newsletter I’ll share with you a recipe that I’ve begun to use in order to help me take better actions and create an even more compelling future!

I spent the first half of today working on a new book I’m writing and as I was thinking about it, I realized, I should have started this book a year ago! I had the idea for it and all the content I needed for it a year ago, but I didn’t take any action on it. So here I am a year later thinking, I missed a huge opportunity! Had I started this book last year, it would be finished by now and maybe you would have even already read it. But no, instead having a finished book, I have one that exists mainly in my head right now.

As I look back my first 51 years on the planet, for all that I have accomplished there are plenty of exciting and important things that I wish I would have started that I just never got around to. I’m not going to beat myself up about it. The past is the past. But I’ve got a plan to make sure my future comes with less regrets and unfulfilled potential. I just put a post it note on my computer with a question that I will ask myself each day. The question is, “A year from now, what will I wish I would have started today?” And you know what? Whatever the answer I come up with, I’m going to do it! I’m going to get started on it today! I know I’ll make some false starts and I may need to change course at times, but I guarantee you that a year from now I will have accomplished way more than I ever would have had I not asked that question.

Now take a moment and ask yourself that question, “A year from now, what will you wish you would have started today?” What big idea has been brewing inside of you, but you’ve been too busy to act on it? Do you have a book you’ve always wanted to write? A fitness program you’ve been meaning to get started on? Or maybe it’s something as simple as telling your child how special they are and how much joy they bring to you. Remember, the future is not something that’s pre-ordained and just waiting for you to arrive. Your future is up to you! You create it which every choice you make and every action you take. So step into your future and ask yourself every day, “A year from now, what will I wish I would have started today?” And then, Get Started!

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